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25-27 Sage Rd.

25/27 Sage Rd was the inception of Mortlock Group. We are proud to have started with this property. We have done upgrades along the way to add value to our tenants. 

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851 10 St

We are constantly striving to create added value for our investors and our tenants. 851 10th street is a great example of a property that we want to improve. Before matching this great home with its latest tenant, we did major renovations and improvements. Most recently, we added a fresh coat of paint on the garage and the landscaping is the nicest we have seen in years! Just like all of our properties, we won't be happy until it is perfect but we are getting closer every day with properties like this.

We are so happy to have just added this beautiful property to the Mortlock Group portfolio! This stunning townhome is the cornerstone of our current properties. We are thrilled to have amazing tenants and a great group of investors backing this project. 


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